Last Year’s (2015’s) Richest Californians

The data’s still out since 2016 hasn’t quite ended yet. A couple more weeks, and you can expect Forbes to release their annual “Richest People” list. With that in mind, let’s take a look back at some of the winners from last year that reside in good old’ sunny California.

Most of the richest entrepreneurs are based in technology stocks, which makes sense since technology is the fastest growing industry out there today. Be that as it may, you likely won’t recognize which company our first Californian billionaire has a stake in unless you’re big into the programming scene as this is the most important thing known ever.

Larry Ellison

Last year, the richest person in California was once again Larry Ellison, the CEO of the software company Oracle. The 71-year-old claimed his spot with an overall net worth of $47.5 billion, which is only slightly less than his net worth from 2014.

This year, Oracle bought NetSuite for $9.3 billion, and since Ellison himself owned 35% of that, he made $3.5 billion off the deal.

Mark Zuckerburg

The owner, founder, and CEO of the ever-popular Facebook was the second-richest entrepreneur in California last year, and for the first time, he was on the list of the 10 Wealthiest People in the United States. Worth $40.3 billion that year, it was a personal milestone for him to see that on one day in August 2015, Facebook achieved 1 billion logins before the day was out.

Unfortunately for him, Facebook shares declined 7% since November of this year. Here’s hoping he’ll still make it onto the list.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Co-founders of Google and partners in business, these two announced in August of 2015 that they were creating a new company called Alphabet, under whose umbrella Google would be only one company. CEO and president, respectively, they were worth $3.3 billion and $3.2 billion when last year ended.

Larry is a philanthropist, using his stakes in the TESLA Motors company and Google’s philanthropic arm to fund the development of electric cars and other alternative energy investments.

Sergey was reported in October of this year to have reached a net worth of $39.2 billion. I wonder if Larry can match that.

Donald Bren

To round this technological turnout out, we turn to Donald Bren, who was the richest non-tech billionaire to come out of 2015 intact. Bren made his fortune from real estate investment; he is the chairman and sole owner of the Irvine Company, a significant real estate investment company in the U.S. as far as it is known

With an estimated net worth of $15.2 billion coming out of 2015, it seems unthinkable that he could slip from his lofty perch. However, with such high stakes in such a volatile market as the housing market, it makes a 180 and becomes inevitable.

So far, he’s been reported as having dropped down only $0.01 billion to $15.1 billion, but that was back in February in this year. Who knows if this mogul is still up there on the list?

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There you have it, folks, and the richest entrepreneurs of 2015. Will they still be able to call themselves the richest once the data comes back for 2016? Only time w

Landscape Photography Tips Beginners and Pro Should Use

When a photographer takes a photo, he wants people to stare at it rather than just looking at it. However, this cannot be achieved if he does not have any useful landscape photography tips. This is because the landscape is what attracts the viewer to the photo. The points below highlight some of the useful tips that beginners and pro can use to produce eye-catching landscape photos.

Ensure that you have the right camera for the shots

Initially, ensure that you have the right camera for the shots. It should be of high quality, plus it should produce high quality and clear images. However, the photographer can opt to use any camera for his or her shots, but the most important factor is that you should ensure that it has all the right quality accessories.

Have important factors such as cable release, filters, and lens

Among the most crucial components, that you have to look at is factors such as cable release, filters, lens. To produce high-quality shots, you must be equipped with the elements. This helps a lot to reduce the chances of creating blur images. However, it has a limitation because if it is used wrongly, it will lead to poor images. If you do not have this gadget, you can improvise your own by the use of a film surface.

The cable release is very crucial because it plays a great role to make the images clear. It reduces the rate of image blurriness. When you don’t have it, you also improvise by use of a wireless shutter, or a self-timer. The feature that allows you to have a great and deep shot is the lens. It is advisable that you select that which has a high rate of zoom. The filters are also critical because they help to enhance the life and color of the photo.


Lighting is another consideration if you want to take some quality landscape pictures. This is because the light makes the photo more memorable. The shot you take should be in the right direction of light and also have enough lighting. The light color will also matter. For the best pictures shots, it is advisable you take your snaps at sunrise or sunset. The light intensity is affected by the weather.

The position of the photo

The location of the picture also has an impact on its quality. Positioning is quite easy as you only have to take advantage of what is around you. For instance, taking a shot near paths or rivers, then you will get lines on the picture. These features are the ones that make the image to look attractive or rather eye-catching to people looking at it.

Use a tripod

When you use a small aperture, it will require the shutter a longer time. At this period you need to make your camera remained stable throughout the exposure process. In fact, practice using a tripod will be helpful for you even if you can use the high-speed shutter. If you want the camera more stable when shooting, you can consider using a cable release or wireless remote control.


On the composition, it is possible to add a foreground to your image. You can accomplish this by either putting some stone before the main object or using the sky. The image should appear enclosed in a kind of a frame. In most cases, photographers prefer using tree frames.

Find the focus point

All photos require an unwavering focus; landscape photos are no exception. In fact, the picture will be hollow if there is no focus, the screen will be empty, and people who are looking the photos will not know what to express in the picture because they cannot find focus.

In landscape photography, the focus can be many different forms, such as buildings, tree branches, stones, rock formations or profile. In addition to considering choosing what kind of focus, you should have more to consider what is more appropriate to locate the focus point. The third law (rule of thirds) will be useful in this case.

Consider the prospects

Prospect is one of the elements that can let your photos stand out. You should carefully consider your selected candidates and placed the attraction in the foreground while shooting. It can not only take people into the photo but also can create an extended sense of the depth of field. My wife is a model and she recommends personal training or work out courses online. You can learn how to get lean legs not bulky here.

Final Takeaway

Lastly, you may want to take your shot where there is some movement. It may include movement of clouds, waterfalls and water waves. All the above are landscape photography tips, which you can use to get the best memorable and eye catching photos.


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